New Year, New You?  Not So Fast!  First Embrace the OLD You!

New Year, New You? Not So Fast! First Embrace the OLD You!

Episode 1

Every year tens of millions of people overindulge from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve. During the first week of January, they make resolutions to suddenly “change” and improve. By February most of these New Year’s resolutions have been broken. The person is then feeling even more dejected and a failure. This cycle is not only self-defeating, it doesn’t work. It never will.

It is my firm belief, after practicing medicine for 35 years, that people DO NOT change. We may EVOLVE, accentuating some of our inherent traits over others, be we DO NOT change. That doesn’t mean that you can’t lose weight, stop drinking alcohol, be nicer, exercise more or whatever it is you want to accomplish. You can evolve into your best self. What’s great, is that just like evolution in nature, once you have evolved it is really difficult to go backward. And that is a GREAT thing. So, forget RESOLUTIONS start thinking in terms of permanent EVOLUTION.

I am a strong believer in exercise. Yes, physical exercise, but also mental exercise. If you want your muscles to grow, you have to challenge them. If you want to your life to grow, if you want your happiness to grow, if you want your success to grow, you have to challenge yourself. Once you come out the other side, and you will, you have permanently evolved.

The first thing we need to do is exercise. (I told you exercise is important). I want you to list in order of most important to least important the ways in which you would like to evolve. As an example, here is my list.

1. I want to lose weight.
2. I want to exercise more.
3. I want to not get so angry and frustrated
4. I want to make more money
5. I want to have better sex

It is a bit odd to put some of these things on paper, but it is essential that we start here. That is exercise #1. I want you to really think hard and put down the top five ways in which YOU want to evolve. I would love it if you sent me your lists by visiting my Instagram page, so I can get an idea of what is important to you all.

Next Wednesday (Wellness Wednesday!) I will show you how we are going to attack your list so that we can all have permanent, positive evolution.

Until then, peace to you all.

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