As parts of the world take extreme measures to prevent the spread of COVID19, I wonder. Is it better to limit coming into contact with the virus or is it better to be healthy in case we do contract it? It’s probably a bit of both. I am reminded of a medical school professor of mine, who would put us in our place when we tried to impress him with the latest journal article we had read. He would dismissively tell us: “all you’re saying is that the sicker you are the worse you do”. Case closed. And in deed he was and is correct. The vast majority of the people who have died from COVID19 have either been very elderly or had an underlying disease. My point is this, whether there is COVID19 lurking or not, we should all be as healthy as possible. I need to remind myself every time a donut calls my name. But seriously; if you are diabetic, get that sugar under control now. If you have high blood pressure, see your doctor, take your medication and modify your lifestyle. STOP smoking. For God’s sake stop smoking! Take care of your asthma. If you are battling a malignancy; make sure that all your other labs and organs are where they should be. In other words: YOU are the best armor. Forget the toilet paper and get as healthy as you can. It’s never too late.


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