If you follow medical news, you must have noticed that all you get are “snippets” of the facts; the dramatic headline, the superficial explanation. No one seems to take the time to really explain a topic. Is something harmful or is it good for you? If so, why?  How much should you take of this? How much should you not take of that?  The information can get downright confusing. Well…things are about to change! Every Wednesday from now on, at DrJorge.com, is WELLNESS WEDNESDAY.  I have been going around the country asking people what they want to know about.   Every Wednesday I will launch a new video blog where I discuss, in a clear, educational and entertaining fashion, the topics that YOU find important.

Come and join my medical community. Send me your suggestions on topics you want to know more about. Share my insights with your friends and family. Pass it forward.  Let’s all start gaining knowledge and getting healthier today!

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