Welcome to my New Website!

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Welcome to my new website. Welcome to my new logo. Welcome to my new blog. In a way, welcome to a new me.

For the longest time, my public persona has been that of a very straight-laced medical expert, someone who gives you the facts clearly and in a way that you can understand. The clear talking, straight shooting doctor is a part of me that will never change. What WILL change, or should I say what will be revealed, is the Dr. Jorge that only those of you who know me personally know: the wise cracking, often sarcastic, always brutally honest, yet amazingly loving and loveable, not to mention modest (see!) Dr. Jorge.

There are enough doctors in the media. I know them all and respect them immensely. I, however, have always been a bit different and I am finally embracing that difference. What I will be offering you are not dumbed down facts and platitudes. I will be offering you reality. No BS. If I think you are being foolish by not vaccinating your kids, I will tell you. If you think I am just promoting pharmaceutical products you should feel free to tell me. If I think you don’t know what you’re talking about because YOU’RE not a doctor, I will tell you, trust me. If you think I’m arrogant because I AM a doctor, fire a way, let me have it…but let’s have a conversation. The bottom line is that I respect my readers enough to be honest with them. At the end of the day, I believe that the more you understand about medical topics, the more likely you are to be healthy and to be part of creating a healthy world.

So please, if you like what you are about to read from here on out, keep reading. I will have at least one new blog a week. Tell your friends. Let me know what you want to discuss. Join my community of independent, mutually respectful thinkers.

Dr. Jorge… a bit outside the box, but always with your best interest at heart.

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